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Scratch Nights

Before moving to Scotland I had never heard the term "scratch night" and definitely thought it was another word for something like a sketch night. As soon as I learned scratch nights didn't need to have a comedy focus I wanted to participate in one. Thankfully the same people who clarified what a scratch night is were also keen to do a scratch night, so the six of us banded together to put on a scratch night in Glasgow on January 26th.

We named ourselves Play Full Theatre and working together selected five scenes, arranged dramaturgy sessions for each, cast them, and presented them at the Old Hairdressers.

The event sold out and went wonderfully well. I presented a scene from a play concept I've been exploring off and on since 2019 and received some wonderful feedback from the audience via post it notes. Before the presentation the scene received dramaturgy by Fraser Scott. It was then directed by Sarah Marie Mooney and featured actors Adi Suri, Ashley Andrew, and Emma Lynne Harley.

Following this event I revised the scene and submitted it to Page2Stage where it was accepted as part of their March 28 event! This time Fraser Scott directed and featured actors Emilie Robson, Gabrielle Monica Hughes, and Tiger Mitchell. The panel of industry professionals gave some solid feedback and encouragement to continue moving forward with the play.

Next up is our second Play Full Theatre event on April 13 at the Griffin in Glasgow. One of the scenes will be from a first draft of a play I am working on called Out of the Night. I am very excited to see how this scene plays out and received feedback from the audience! As well as allowing me to see my work performed as a staged reading, I am also able to use my growing dramaturgy skills to help other writers, which is exciting to me. To find out more about us visit our website (designed by yours truly) and to purchase tickets follow this link!

Photo by Delilah Niel and featuring the January 26th Play Full Scratch Night writers and directors: Douglas Yannaghas, Sarah Marie Mooney, Emma Lynne Harley, Anna Whealing, Lara Delmage, me, Victoria Giambalvo, Lintong Zhang.


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