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FemFest 2016 Bake Off

This is year I was very grateful to be one of five female playwrights accepted into FemFest's 2016 Bake Off! On August 19th I, along with four other emerging playwrights, were given three ingredients to "bake" into a ten minute scene, which we had to write in eight hours. Organizer and director Cairn Moore cast the scenes and then each one got two hours of rehearsals. Tomorrow, the actors with scripts in hand, will perform all five scenes. Afterwards, the audience gets to vote for the one scene they'd like to see at FemFest 2017. It has been a lot of fun participating in this fun event, and personally I'm very much looking forward to seeing how my fellow participants baked duct tape, unbridled passion, and class into their scenes!

For more information click here!

Below are four of the five playwrights just before we went to go write our scenes:

Wren Brian (me), Gislina Patterson, Angie St.Mars, and Frances Koncan (missing Jessy Ardern).

Bake Off Playwrights

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