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Atlantic Edge & Moniack Mhor

In June I joined the Playwrights Guild of Canada Board as the Treasurer and in October we had our in-person board meeting in Fredericton, New Brunswick, after which we joined in the Atlantic Edge Conference. This two day conference put on by PGC and the Playwright Atlantic Resource Centre was a great introduction to playwrights in the east coast and a fabulous learning opportunity. It was very similar to the Yukon Playwriting Conference PGC & Gwaandak Theatre hosted in the spring of 2018. I hope these conferences keep going as they are a great step in connecting all of us playwrights across this huge country!


Thanks to the Manitoba Arts Council and the Winnipeg Arts Council I was able to attend a five day workshop at Moniack Mhor: Scotland's Creative Writing Centre led by Simon Stephens & Chris Thorpe in November. It was amazing to learn from these two great playwrights and meet 13 other emerging playwrights from the UK and Europe. There were definitely aspects that were challenging and uncomfortable, but ultimately the whole experience shook me up in a good way that will have a lasting impact. I'm so grateful to everyone who was there that week and made it such a memorable experience!

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