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Animosity Sold Out Run at Fringe 2018

So happy to say that my companion piece to last year's Anomie, Animosity, sold out nearly every performance and received a 5 star review from CBC reviewer Michelle Palansky this summer! It was great to re-visit these characters and explore a different aspect of humanity with all context removed. Big thank you to the entire team who made it possible!

Click here to see the CBC review!

More about Animosity:

Two people. Trapped in an abyss. Refusing to get along. In this absurdist/existentialist play two people struggle with feelings of fear, disconnection and anger at each other, the space and themselves. With no memory of who they are or who they are to each other, they have to confront how and why people come to hate each other, as well as how to move forward. This is a companion piece to last year's Anomie (winner of the Rintoul Award for Best New Manitoba Play at the 2017 Winnipeg Fringe). Venue 28 - Forth Written by Wren Brian Directed by Ntara Curry & Sami Desiree Featuring Melissa Langdon & Sophie Smith-Dostmohamed Stage Manager: Eliza Raizen Poster, Handbill & Program Image by Ivan Henwood Sound Design by Mario Lagassé Fight Consultant: Jacqueline Loewen

Photographs: Andrea Case

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